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Vert.x Blueprint Tutorials

The Vert.x Blueprint project aims to provide guidelines to Vert.x users to implement various applications such as message-based applications and microservices. This post introduces the content of each blueprints.

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Intro to Vert.x Shell

Vert.x Shell provides an extensible command line for Vert.x, accessible via SSH, Telnet or a nice Web interface. Vert.x Shell comes out of the box with plenty of commands for Vert.x which makes it very handy for doing simple management operations like deploying a Verticle or getting the list of deployed Verticles. One power feature of Vert.x Shell is its extensibility: one can easily augment Vert.x Shell with its own commands. Let’s build an http-client in JavaScript!

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Using Hamcrest Matchers with Vert.x Unit

Vert.x Unit is a very elegant library to test asynchronous applications developed with vert.x. However because of this asynchronous aspect, reporting test failures is not natural for JUnit users. This is because, the failed assertions need to be reported to the test context, controlling the execution (and so the outcome) of the test. In other words, in a Vert.x Unit test you cannot use the regular Junit assertions and assertion libraries. In this blog post, we propose a way to let you using Hamcrest matchers in Vert.x Unit tests.

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