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This discovery bridge imports services from Consul into the Vert.x service discovery.

The bridge connects to a Consul agent (server) and periodically scan for services:

  • new services are imported

  • services in maintenance mode or that has been removed from consul are removed

This bridge uses the HTTP API for Consul. It does not export to Consul and does not support service modification.

The service type is deduced from tags. If a tag matches a known service type, this service type will be used. If not, the service is imported as unknown. Only http-endpoint is supported for now.

Using the bridge

To use this Vert.x discovery bridge, add the following dependency to the dependencies section of your build descriptor:

  • Maven (in your pom.xml):

  • Gradle (in your build.gradle file):

compile 'io.vertx:vertx-service-discovery-bridge-consul:3.3.3'

Then, when creating the service discovery registers this bridge as follows:

    .registerServiceImporter(new ConsulServiceImporter(),
        new JsonObject()
            .put("host", "localhost")
            .put("port", 8500)
            .put("scan-period", 2000));

You can configure the:

  • agent host using the host property, it defaults to localhost

  • agent port using the port property, it defaults to 8500

  • scan period using the scan-period property. The time is set in ms, and is 2000 ms by default