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This discovery bridge imports services from Kubernetes (or Openshift v3) into the Vert.x service discovery.

Kubernetes services are mapped to Record. This bridge only supports the importation of services from kubernetes in vert.x (and not the opposite).

Record are created from Kubernetes Service. The service type is deduced from the service.type label. If not set, the service is imported as unknown. Only http-endpoint are supported for now.

Using the bridge

To use this Vert.x discovery bridge, add the following dependency to the dependencies section of your build descriptor:

  • Maven (in your pom.xml):

  • Gradle (in your build.gradle file):

compile 'io.vertx:vertx-service-discovery-bridge-kubernetes:3.3.3'

Configuring the bridge

The bridge is configured using:

  • the oauth token (using the content of /var/run/secrets/ by default)

  • the namespace in which the service are searched (defaults to default).

Be aware that the application must have access to Kubernetes and must be able to read the chosen namespace.

The Service to Record mapping

The record is created as follows:

  • the service type is deduced from the service.type label. If this label is not set the service type is set to unknown

  • the record’s name is the service’s name

  • the labels of the service are mapped to metadata

  • in addition are added: kubernetes.uuid, kubernetes.namespace,

  • the location is deduced from the first port of the service

For HTTP endpoints, the ssl (https) attribute is set to true if the service has the ssl label set to true.


The bridge imports all services on start and removes them on stop. In between it watches the Kubernetes services and add the new ones and removes the deleted ones.