An Eclipse Vert.x Gradle Plugin

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Eclipse Vert.x 3.5.0 released!

The Vert.x team is pleased to announce the release of Eclipse Vert.x 3.5.0.

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Introducing Vert.x MQTT client

In this article, we will see how to set up the new Vert.x MQTT client. An example project is available on GitHub.

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Unit and Integration Tests

Let’s refresh our mind about what we developed so far in the introduction to vert.x series. We forgot an important task. We didn’t test the API.

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TCP Client using Eclipse Vert.x, Kotlin and Gradle build

In this blog post, I demonstrate how to write a very simple TCP client that keeps a connection open to a custom-written server in cloud.

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Checklist for Migrating from Vert.x 2.1.x to Vert.x 3 - Part One

So while upgrading our application, I thought I should note down all the changes that we had to do in the process. Since Vert.x 3 is a major upgrade from the previous version, with so many changes.

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