Eclipse Vert.x 4.1.1 released!

We are ex­tremely pleased to an­nounce that Eclipse Vert.x ver­sion 4.1.1 has been re­leased.

Since the re­lease of Vert.x 4.1.0, quite a few bugs have been re­ported. We would like to thank you all for re­port­ing these is­sues.

This re­lease also pro­vides a few small fea­tures that were post­poned from pre­vi­ous re­lease.

Sql Client pool enhancements

The pool sup­ports now load bal­anc­ing ac­cross mul­ti­ple servers:

PgPool pool = PgPool.create(vertx, Arrays.asList(server1, server2);

There is a new hook for cus­tomiz­ing con­nec­tion after it has been cre­ated and be­fore it is in­serted in the pool:

pool.connectHandler(conn -> {
  conn.query(sql).execute().onSuccess(res -> {
    // Release the connection to the pool, ready to be used by the application


A few other no­tice­able im­prove­ments are avail­able

  • Jack­son 2.11.4 up­grade
  • MSSQL now sup­ports batch queries as well as packet size con­fig­u­ra­tion
  • The Post­greSQL client now sup­ports the INET data type
  • MSSQL meta­data ver­sion is now re­trieved
  • Redis Client ex­poses now pool met­rics through the Vert.x met­rics re­port­ing
  • HTTP server in­valid re­quest han­dler hook to cus­tomize in­valid re­quest re­sponses
  • Redis client fix for well known Azure issue
  • Mail client sup­ports NTLM

The 4.1.1 re­lease notes can be found on the wiki.

You can boot­strap a Vert.x 4 project using

The re­lease ar­ti­facts have been de­ployed to Maven Cen­tral and you can get the dis­tri­b­u­tion on Maven Cen­tral.

The Vert.x 4 event­bus JavaScript client li­brary is now avail­able in a sin­gle lo­ca­tion and it now us­able stand­alone or it can eas­ily be in­te­grated with any fron­tend build tool.

The Vert.x dis­tri­b­u­tion is avail­able from SD­KMan and our Home­Brew TAP.

Docker im­ages are avail­able on Docker Hub.

That’s it! Happy cod­ing and see you soon on our user or dev chan­nels.

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