Eclipse Vert.x 4.5.1 released!

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Eclipse Vert.x 4.5.2 released!

Eclipse Vert.x version 4.5.2 has just been released. It fixes a few bugs that have been reported by the community as well as CVE-2024-1023

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Eclipse Vert.x 4.5.0 released!

Eclipse Vert.x version 4.5.0 has just been released. It comes with a set of new exciting features, including virtual threads support!

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Getting started with new fabric8 Vert.x Maven Plugin

The all new fabric8 Vert.x Maven Plugin allows you to setup, package, run, start, stop and redeploy easily with a very little configuration resulting in a less verbose pom.xml.

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TCP Client using Eclipse Vert.x, Kotlin and Gradle build

In this blog post, I demonstrate how to write a very simple TCP client that keeps a connection open to a custom-written server in cloud.

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Scala is here

The rise of Scala as one of the most important languages on the JVM caught many (me included) by surprise. This hybrid of functional and imperative paradigms struck a chord with many developers.

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