Eclipse Vert.x for Scala next steps

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Eclipse Vert.x 4 milestone 3 released!

The next milestone release of Vert.x 4 aims to provide a reliable distribution of the current development for people who want to try it and provide feedback.

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Eclipse Vert.x 4 milestone 2 released!

The new milestone release of Vert.x 4 includes progress on futurisation, tracing, and many other improvements.

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Scala is here

The rise of Scala as one of the most important languages on the JVM caught many (me included) by surprise. This hybrid of functional and imperative paradigms struck a chord with many developers.

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Building services and APIs with AMQP 1.0

Microservices and APIs are everywhere. Everyone talks about them, presentation slides are full of them ... some people are actually even building them.

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Some Rest with Vert.x

This post is part of the Introduction to Vert.x series. Let’s go a bit further this time and develop a CRUD-ish application

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