Improving the Vert.x Micrometer Metrics performance

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Eclipse Vert.x 4.5.8 released!

Eclipse Vert.x version 4.5.8 has just been released.

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Eclipse Vert.x 4.4.9 released!

Eclipse Vert.x version 4.4.9 has just been released. It fixes a few bugs that have been reported by the community as well as CVE-2024-29025

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Things to keep in mind concerning CSRF attacks

Eclipse Vert.x like most frameworks provides an anti-CSRF defense. However, no framework can prevent all attack vectors that exist in the web. Therefore, developers need to be aware of some dangers and common attack vectors concerning CSRF defenses.

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Eclipse Vert.x metrics now with

The new vertx-micrometer-metrics module provides support for collecting metrics with and storing them in backends such as Graphite or InfluxDB.

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Using the asynchronous SQL client

Finally, back... This post is the fifth post of the introduction to vert.x blog series, after a not-that-small break. In this post we are going to see how we can use JDBC in a vert.x application.

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