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TCP Client using Eclipse Vert.x, Kotlin and Gradle build

As part of my hobby project to control RaspberryPi using Google Home Mini and/or Alexa, I wanted to write a very simple TCP client that keeps a connection open to one of my custom written server in cloud (I will write another blog post to cover the server side on a later date). The requirement of the client is to send a shared secret upon connecting and then keep waiting for message from server. Vert.x, Kotlin and Gradle allow rapid development of such project. The generated jar can be executed on Raspberry Pi. These steps outline the project setup and related source code to showcase a Vert.x and Kotlin project with Gradle.

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Eclipse Vert.x meets GraphQL

I recently added GraphQL support to Gentics Mesh and I thought it would be a good idea to boil down the essence of my implementation in example so that I could share it in a simpler form. The example I’m about to show will not cover all aspects that I have added to the Gentics Mesh API (e.g. paging, search and error handling) but it will give you a basic overview of the parts that I put together. GraphQL does not require a GraphDB even if the name might suggest it.

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Preview of a guide for Java developers

I could not attend the last Eclipse Vert.x community face-to-face meeting last fall, but one item that was discussed is the need for guides aimed at certain types of developers. One of my missions as part of joining the team was to work on this and I’m very happy to share it with you today!

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