Real-time bidding with Websockets and Vert.x

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Using Hamcrest Matchers with Vert.x Unit

Vert.x Unit is a very elegant library to test asynchronous applications developed with vert.x. However because of this asynchronous aspect, reporting test failures is not natural for JUnit users.

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ECMAScript 6/7 on the JVM with TypeScript and Vert.x

I figured it would be a good idea to give you a couple of examples how teaming Vert.x and TypeScript helps you use ECMAScript 6 and 7 features on the JVM today.

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Things to keep in mind concerning CSRF attacks

Eclipse Vert.x like most frameworks provides an anti-CSRF defense. However, no framework can prevent all attack vectors that exist in the web. Therefore, developers need to be aware of some dangers and common attack vectors concerning CSRF defenses.

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Some Rest with Vert.x

This post is part of the Introduction to Vert.x series. Let’s go a bit further this time and develop a CRUD-ish application

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Building services and APIs with AMQP 1.0

Microservices and APIs are everywhere. Everyone talks about them, presentation slides are full of them ... some people are actually even building them.

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