vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.core.datagram / datagramSocketOptionsOf


fun datagramSocketOptionsOf(broadcast: Boolean? = null, ipV6: Boolean? = null, logActivity: Boolean? = null, loopbackModeDisabled: Boolean? = null, multicastNetworkInterface: String? = null, multicastTimeToLive: Int? = null, receiveBufferSize: Int? = null, reuseAddress: Boolean? = null, reusePort: Boolean? = null, sendBufferSize: Int? = null, trafficClass: Int? = null): DatagramSocketOptions

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.core.datagram.DatagramSocketOptions objects.

Options used to configure a datagram socket.


broadcast - Set if the socket can send or receive broadcast packets

ipV6 - Set if IP v6 should be used

logActivity - Set to true to enabled network activity logging: Netty's pipeline is configured for logging on Netty's logger.

loopbackModeDisabled - Set if loopback mode is disabled

multicastNetworkInterface - Set the multicast network interface address

multicastTimeToLive - Set the multicast ttl value

receiveBufferSize - Set the TCP receive buffer size

reuseAddress - Set the value of reuse address

reusePort - Set the value of reuse port. This is only supported by native transports.

sendBufferSize - Set the TCP send buffer size

trafficClass - Set the value of traffic class