vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.ext.auth.oauth2 / oAuth2ClientOptionsOf


fun oAuth2ClientOptionsOf(alpnVersions: Iterable<HttpVersion>? = null, authorizationPath: String? = null, clientID: String? = null, clientSecret: String? = null, clientSecretParameterName: String? = null, connectTimeout: Int? = null, crlPaths: Iterable<String>? = null, crlValues: Iterable<Buffer>? = null, decoderInitialBufferSize: Int? = null, defaultHost: String? = null, defaultPort: Int? = null, enabledCipherSuites: Iterable<String>? = null, enabledSecureTransportProtocols: Iterable<String>? = null, extraParameters: JsonObject? = null, flow: OAuth2FlowType? = null, forceSni: Boolean? = null, headers: JsonObject? = null, http2ClearTextUpgrade: Boolean? = null, http2ConnectionWindowSize: Int? = null, http2KeepAliveTimeout: Int? = null, http2MaxPoolSize: Int? = null, http2MultiplexingLimit: Int? = null, idleTimeout: Int? = null, idleTimeoutUnit: TimeUnit? = null, initialSettings: Http2Settings? = null, introspectionPath: String? = null, jdkSslEngineOptions: JdkSSLEngineOptions? = null, jwkPath: String? = null, jwtOptions: JWTOptions? = null, keepAlive: Boolean? = null, keepAliveTimeout: Int? = null, keyStoreOptions: JksOptions? = null, localAddress: String? = null, logActivity: Boolean? = null, logoutPath: String? = null, maxChunkSize: Int? = null, maxHeaderSize: Int? = null, maxInitialLineLength: Int? = null, maxPoolSize: Int? = null, maxRedirects: Int? = null, maxWaitQueueSize: Int? = null, maxWebsocketFrameSize: Int? = null, maxWebsocketMessageSize: Int? = null, metricsName: String? = null, openSslEngineOptions: OpenSSLEngineOptions? = null, pemKeyCertOptions: PemKeyCertOptions? = null, pemTrustOptions: PemTrustOptions? = null, pfxKeyCertOptions: PfxOptions? = null, pfxTrustOptions: PfxOptions? = null, pipelining: Boolean? = null, pipeliningLimit: Int? = null, poolCleanerPeriod: Int? = null, protocolVersion: HttpVersion? = null, proxyOptions: ProxyOptions? = null, pubSecKeys: Iterable<PubSecKeyOptions>? = null, receiveBufferSize: Int? = null, reuseAddress: Boolean? = null, reusePort: Boolean? = null, revocationPath: String? = null, scopeSeparator: String? = null, sendBufferSize: Int? = null, sendUnmaskedFrames: Boolean? = null, site: String? = null, soLinger: Int? = null, ssl: Boolean? = null, sslHandshakeTimeout: Long? = null, sslHandshakeTimeoutUnit: TimeUnit? = null, tcpCork: Boolean? = null, tcpFastOpen: Boolean? = null, tcpKeepAlive: Boolean? = null, tcpNoDelay: Boolean? = null, tcpQuickAck: Boolean? = null, tokenPath: String? = null, trafficClass: Int? = null, trustAll: Boolean? = null, trustStoreOptions: JksOptions? = null, tryUseCompression: Boolean? = null, tryUsePerFrameWebsocketCompression: Boolean? = null, tryUsePerMessageWebsocketCompression: Boolean? = null, useAlpn: Boolean? = null, useBasicAuthorizationHeader: Boolean? = null, usePooledBuffers: Boolean? = null, userAgent: String? = null, userInfoParameters: JsonObject? = null, userInfoPath: String? = null, validateIssuer: Boolean? = null, verifyHost: Boolean? = null, websocketCompressionAllowClientNoContext: Boolean? = null, websocketCompressionLevel: Int? = null, websocketCompressionRequestServerNoContext: Boolean? = null): OAuth2ClientOptions

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.ext.auth.oauth2.OAuth2ClientOptions objects.

Options describing how an OAuth2 will make connections.


alpnVersions - Set the list of protocol versions to provide to the server during the Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation. When the list is empty, the client provides a best effort list according to io.vertx.core.http.HttpClientOptions: : h2,http/1.1 otherwise: [io.vertx.core.http.HttpClientOptions]

authorizationPath - Get the Oauth2 authorization resource path. e.g.: /oauth/authorize

clientID - Set the provider client id

clientSecret - Set the provider client secret

clientSecretParameterName - Override the HTTP form field name for client secret

connectTimeout - Set the connect timeout

crlPaths - Add a CRL path

crlValues - Add a CRL value

decoderInitialBufferSize - set to initialBufferSizeHttpDecoder the initial buffer of the HttpDecoder.

defaultHost - Set the default host name to be used by this client in requests if none is provided when making the request.

defaultPort - Set the default port to be used by this client in requests if none is provided when making the request.

enabledCipherSuites - Add an enabled cipher suite, appended to the ordered suites.

enabledSecureTransportProtocols - Sets the list of enabled SSL/TLS protocols.

extraParameters - Set extra parameters to be sent to the provider on each request

flow -

forceSni - By default, the server name is only sent for Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), setting this property to true forces the server name to be always sent.

headers - Set custom headers to be sent with every request to the provider

http2ClearTextUpgrade - Set to true when an h2c connection is established using an HTTP/1.1 upgrade request, and false when an h2c connection is established directly (with prior knowledge).

http2ConnectionWindowSize - Set the default HTTP/2 connection window size. It overrides the initial window size set by , so the connection window size is greater than for its streams, in order the data throughput. A value of -1 reuses the initial window size setting.

http2KeepAliveTimeout - Set the keep alive timeout for HTTP/2 connections, in seconds. This value determines how long a connection remains unused in the pool before being evicted and closed.

http2MaxPoolSize - Set the maximum pool size for HTTP/2 connections

http2MultiplexingLimit - Set a client limit of the number concurrent streams for each HTTP/2 connection, this limits the number of streams the client can create for a connection. The effective number of streams for a connection is the min of this value and the server's initial settings. Setting the value to -1 means to use the value sent by the server's initial settings. -1 is the default value.

idleTimeout - Set the idle timeout, default time unit is seconds. Zero means don't timeout. This determines if a connection will timeout and be closed if no data is received within the timeout. If you want change default time unit, use io.vertx.core.http.HttpClientOptions

idleTimeoutUnit - Set the idle timeout unit. If not specified, default is seconds.

initialSettings - Set the HTTP/2 connection settings immediately sent by to the server when the client connects.

introspectionPath - Set the provider token introspection resource path

jdkSslEngineOptions -

jwkPath -

jwtOptions -

keepAlive - Set whether keep alive is enabled on the client

keepAliveTimeout - Set the keep alive timeout for HTTP/1.x, in seconds. This value determines how long a connection remains unused in the pool before being evicted and closed.

keyStoreOptions - Set the key/cert options in jks format, aka Java keystore.

localAddress - Set the local interface to bind for network connections. When the local address is null, it will pick any local address, the default local address is null.

logActivity - Set to true to enabled network activity logging: Netty's pipeline is configured for logging on Netty's logger.

logoutPath - Set the provider logout path

maxChunkSize - Set the maximum HTTP chunk size

maxHeaderSize - Set the maximum length of all headers for HTTP/1.x .

maxInitialLineLength - Set the maximum length of the initial line for HTTP/1.x (e.g. "HTTP/1.1 200 OK")

maxPoolSize - Set the maximum pool size for connections

maxRedirects - Set to maxRedirects the maximum number of redirection a request can follow.

maxWaitQueueSize - Set the maximum requests allowed in the wait queue, any requests beyond the max size will result in a ConnectionPoolTooBusyException. If the value is set to a negative number then the queue will be unbounded.

maxWebsocketFrameSize - Set the max WebSocket frame size

maxWebsocketMessageSize - Set the max WebSocket message size

metricsName - Set the metrics name identifying the reported metrics, useful for grouping metrics with the same name.

openSslEngineOptions -

pemKeyCertOptions - Set the key/cert store options in pem format.

pemTrustOptions - Set the trust options in pem format

pfxKeyCertOptions - Set the key/cert options in pfx format.

pfxTrustOptions - Set the trust options in pfx format

pipelining - Set whether pipe-lining is enabled on the client

pipeliningLimit - Set the limit of pending requests a pipe-lined HTTP/1 connection can send.

poolCleanerPeriod - Set the connection pool cleaner period in milli seconds, a non positive value disables expiration checks and connections will remain in the pool until they are closed.

protocolVersion - Set the protocol version.

proxyOptions - Set proxy options for connections via CONNECT proxy (e.g. Squid) or a SOCKS proxy.

pubSecKeys - The provider PubSec key options

receiveBufferSize - Set the TCP receive buffer size

reuseAddress - Set the value of reuse address

reusePort - Set the value of reuse port. This is only supported by native transports.

revocationPath - Set the Oauth2 revocation resource path. e.g.: /oauth/revoke

scopeSeparator - Set the provider scope separator

sendBufferSize - Set the TCP send buffer size

sendUnmaskedFrames - Set true when the client wants to skip frame masking. You may want to set it true on server by server WebSocket communication: in this case you are by passing RFC6455 protocol. It's false as default.

site - Root URL for the provider

soLinger - Set whether SO_linger keep alive is enabled

ssl - Set whether SSL/TLS is enabled

sslHandshakeTimeout - Set the SSL handshake timeout, default time unit is seconds.

sslHandshakeTimeoutUnit - Set the SSL handshake timeout unit. If not specified, default is seconds.

tcpCork - Enable the TCP_CORK option - only with linux native transport.

tcpFastOpen - Enable the TCP_FASTOPEN option - only with linux native transport.

tcpKeepAlive - Set whether TCP keep alive is enabled

tcpNoDelay - Set whether TCP no delay is enabled

tcpQuickAck - Enable the TCP_QUICKACK option - only with linux native transport.

tokenPath - Get the Oauth2 token resource path. e.g.: /oauth/token

trafficClass - Set the value of traffic class

trustAll - Set whether all server certificates should be trusted

trustStoreOptions - Set the trust options in jks format, aka Java truststore

tryUseCompression - Set whether compression is enabled

tryUsePerFrameWebsocketCompression - Set whether the client will offer the WebSocket per-frame deflate compression extension.

tryUsePerMessageWebsocketCompression - Set whether the client will offer the WebSocket per-message deflate compression extension.

useAlpn - Set the ALPN usage.

useBasicAuthorizationHeader - Flag to use HTTP basic auth header with client id, client secret.

usePooledBuffers - Set whether Netty pooled buffers are enabled

userAgent - Set a custom user agent to use when communicating to a provider

userInfoParameters - Set custom parameters to be sent during the userInfo resource request

userInfoPath - Set the provider userInfo resource path

validateIssuer -

verifyHost - Set whether hostname verification is enabled

websocketCompressionAllowClientNoContext - Set whether the client_no_context_takeover parameter of the WebSocket per-message deflate compression extension will be offered.

websocketCompressionLevel - Set the Websocket deflate compression level.

websocketCompressionRequestServerNoContext - Set whether the server_no_context_takeover parameter of the WebSocket per-message deflate compression extension will be offered.