vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.ext.mail / mailAttachmentOf


fun mailAttachmentOf(contentId: String? = null, contentType: String? = null, data: Buffer? = null, description: String? = null, disposition: String? = null, headers: Map<String, String>? = null, name: String? = null): MailAttachment

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.ext.mail.MailAttachment objects.

Represent a mail attachment that can be used in a MailMessage.


contentId - set the Content-ID field to be used in the attachment

contentType - set the Content-Type

data - set the data

description - set the description field to be used in the attachment

disposition - set the disposition field to be used in the attachment

headers - Add an header to this attachment.

name - set the name