vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.ext.mail / mailConfigOf


fun mailConfigOf(allowRcptErrors: Boolean? = null, authMethods: String? = null, disableEsmtp: Boolean? = null, hostname: String? = null, keepAlive: Boolean? = null, keyStore: String? = null, keyStorePassword: String? = null, login: LoginOption? = null, maxPoolSize: Int? = null, ownHostname: String? = null, password: String? = null, port: Int? = null, ssl: Boolean? = null, starttls: StartTLSOptions? = null, trustAll: Boolean? = null, username: String? = null): MailConfig

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.ext.mail.MailConfig objects.

represents the configuration of a mail service with mail server hostname, port, security options, login options and login/password


allowRcptErrors - set if sending allows rcpt errors if true, the mail will be sent to the recipients that the server accepted, if any

authMethods - set string of allowed auth methods. if set only these methods will be used if the server supports them. If null or empty all supported methods may be used

disableEsmtp - set if ESMTP should be tried as first command (EHLO) rfc 1869 states that clients should always attempt EHLO as first command to determine if ESMTP is supported, if this returns an error code, HELO is tried to use old SMTP. If there is a server that does not support EHLO and does not give an error code back, the connection should be closed and retried with HELO. We do not do that and rather support turning off ESMTP with a setting. The odds of this actually happening are very small since the client will not connect to arbitrary smtp hosts on the internet. Since the client knows that is connects to a host that doesn't support ESMTP/EHLO in that way, the property has to be set to false.

hostname - Set the hostname of the smtp server.

keepAlive - set if connection pool is enabled default is true if the connection pooling is disabled, the max number of sockets is enforced nevertheless

keyStore - get the key store filename to be used when opening SMTP connections if not set, an options object will be created based on other settings (ssl and trustAll)

keyStorePassword - get the key store password to be used when opening SMTP connections

login - Set the login mode for the connection. Either DISABLED, OPTIONAL or REQUIRED

maxPoolSize - set the max allowed number of open connections to the mail server if not set the default is 10

ownHostname - set the hostname to be used for HELO/EHLO and the Message-ID

password - Set the password for the login.

port - Set the port of the smtp server.

ssl - Set the sslOnConnect mode for the connection.

starttls - Set the tls security mode for the connection. Either NONE, OPTIONAL or REQUIRED

trustAll - set whether to trust all certificates on ssl connect the option is also applied to STARTTLS operation

username - Set the username for the login.