vertx / / sshTermOptionsOf


fun sshTermOptionsOf(defaultCharset: String? = null, host: String? = null, intputrc: String? = null, keyPairOptions: JksOptions? = null, pemKeyPairOptions: PemKeyCertOptions? = null, pfxKeyPairOptions: PfxOptions? = null, port: Int? = null): SSHTermOptions

A function providing a DSL for building objects.

The SSH term configuration options.


defaultCharset - Set the default charset to use when the client does not specifies one.

host - Set the host

intputrc - The path of the inputrc config.

keyPairOptions - Set the key pair options in jks format, aka Java keystore.

pemKeyPairOptions - Set the key pair store options in pem format.

pfxKeyPairOptions - Set the key pair options in pfx format.

port - Set the port