vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.redis.client / redisOptionsOf


fun redisOptionsOf(endpoint: SocketAddress? = null, endpoints: Iterable<SocketAddress>? = null, masterName: String? = null, maxNestedArrays: Int? = null, maxWaitingHandlers: Int? = null, netClientOptions: NetClientOptions? = null, password: String? = null, role: RedisRole? = null, select: Int? = null, type: RedisClientType? = null, useSlave: RedisSlaves? = null): RedisOptions

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.redis.client.RedisOptions objects.

Redis Client Configuration options.


endpoint - Sets a single endpoint to use while connecting to the redis server. Will replace the previously configured endpoints.

endpoints - Set the endpoints to use while connecting to the redis server. Only the cluster mode will consider more than 1 element. If more are provided, they are not considered by the client when in single server mode.

masterName - Set the master name (only considered in HA mode).

maxNestedArrays - Tune how much nested arrays are allowed on a redis response. This affects the parser performance.

maxWaitingHandlers - The client will always work on pipeline mode, this means that messages can start queueing. You can control how much backlog you're willing to accept. This methods sets how much handlers is the client willing to queue.

netClientOptions - Set the net client options to be used while connecting to the redis server. Use this to tune your connection.

password - Set the provided password to be used when establishing a connection to the server.

role - Set the role name (only considered in HA mode).

select - Set the provided database to be selected when establishing a connection to the server.

type - Set the desired client type to be created.

useSlave - Set whether or not to use slave nodes (only considered in Cluster mode).