vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.redis / redisOptionsOf


fun redisOptionsOf(address: String? = null, auth: String? = null, binary: Boolean? = null, connectTimeout: Int? = null, crlPaths: Iterable<String>? = null, crlValues: Iterable<Buffer>? = null, domainSocket: Boolean? = null, domainSocketAddress: String? = null, enabledCipherSuites: Iterable<String>? = null, enabledSecureTransportProtocols: Iterable<String>? = null, encoding: String? = null, host: String? = null, hostnameVerificationAlgorithm: String? = null, idleTimeout: Int? = null, idleTimeoutUnit: TimeUnit? = null, jdkSslEngineOptions: JdkSSLEngineOptions? = null, keyStoreOptions: JksOptions? = null, localAddress: String? = null, logActivity: Boolean? = null, masterName: String? = null, metricsName: String? = null, openSslEngineOptions: OpenSSLEngineOptions? = null, pemKeyCertOptions: PemKeyCertOptions? = null, pemTrustOptions: PemTrustOptions? = null, pfxKeyCertOptions: PfxOptions? = null, pfxTrustOptions: PfxOptions? = null, port: Int? = null, proxyOptions: ProxyOptions? = null, receiveBufferSize: Int? = null, reconnectAttempts: Int? = null, reconnectInterval: Long? = null, reuseAddress: Boolean? = null, reusePort: Boolean? = null, select: Int? = null, sendBufferSize: Int? = null, sentinels: Iterable<String>? = null, soLinger: Int? = null, ssl: Boolean? = null, sslHandshakeTimeout: Long? = null, sslHandshakeTimeoutUnit: TimeUnit? = null, tcpCork: Boolean? = null, tcpFastOpen: Boolean? = null, tcpKeepAlive: Boolean? = null, tcpNoDelay: Boolean? = null, tcpQuickAck: Boolean? = null, trafficClass: Int? = null, trustAll: Boolean? = null, trustStoreOptions: JksOptions? = null, useAlpn: Boolean? = null, usePooledBuffers: Boolean? = null): RedisOptions

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.redis.RedisOptions objects.

This object controls the connection setting to the Redis Server. There is no need to specify most of the settings since it has built the following sensible defaults:


address - Set the eventbus address prefix for PUB/SUB. * @param address address prefix.

auth - Set the password for authentication at connection time.

binary - Set the messages to/from redis as binary, default false. * @param binary use binary messages

connectTimeout - Set the connect timeout

crlPaths - Add a CRL path

crlValues - Add a CRL value

domainSocket - Set the domain socket enabled option, default false.

domainSocketAddress - Set the domain socket address where the Redis server is listening.

enabledCipherSuites - Add an enabled cipher suite, appended to the ordered suites.

enabledSecureTransportProtocols - Sets the list of enabled SSL/TLS protocols.

encoding - Set the user defined character encoding, e.g.: iso-8859-1. * @param encoding the user character encoding

host - Set the host name where the Redis server is listening. * @param host host name

hostnameVerificationAlgorithm - Set the hostname verification algorithm interval To disable hostname verification, set hostnameVerificationAlgorithm to an empty String

idleTimeout - Set the idle timeout, default time unit is seconds. Zero means don't timeout. This determines if a connection will timeout and be closed if no data is received within the timeout. If you want change default time unit, use

idleTimeoutUnit - Set the idle timeout unit. If not specified, default is seconds.

jdkSslEngineOptions -

keyStoreOptions - Set the key/cert options in jks format, aka Java keystore.

localAddress - Set the local interface to bind for network connections. When the local address is null, it will pick any local address, the default local address is null.

logActivity - Set to true to enabled network activity logging: Netty's pipeline is configured for logging on Netty's logger.

masterName - Set name of Redis master (used with Sentinel).

metricsName - Set the metrics name identifying the reported metrics, useful for grouping metrics with the same name.

openSslEngineOptions -

pemKeyCertOptions - Set the key/cert store options in pem format.

pemTrustOptions - Set the trust options in pem format

pfxKeyCertOptions - Set the key/cert options in pfx format.

pfxTrustOptions - Set the trust options in pfx format

port - Set the tcp port where the Redis server is listening.

proxyOptions - Set proxy options for connections via CONNECT proxy (e.g. Squid) or a SOCKS proxy.

receiveBufferSize - Set the TCP receive buffer size

reconnectAttempts - Set the value of reconnect attempts

reconnectInterval - Set the reconnect interval

reuseAddress - Set the value of reuse address

reusePort - Set the value of reuse port. This is only supported by native transports.

select - Set the database to select at connection time. * @param select database id

sendBufferSize - Set the TCP send buffer size

sentinels - Set the list of Sentinels.

soLinger - Set whether SO_linger keep alive is enabled

ssl - Set whether SSL/TLS is enabled

sslHandshakeTimeout - Set the SSL handshake timeout, default time unit is seconds.

sslHandshakeTimeoutUnit - Set the SSL handshake timeout unit. If not specified, default is seconds.

tcpCork - Enable the TCP_CORK option - only with linux native transport.

tcpFastOpen - Enable the TCP_FASTOPEN option - only with linux native transport.

tcpKeepAlive - Set whether TCP keep alive is enabled

tcpNoDelay - Set whether TCP no delay is enabled

tcpQuickAck - Enable the TCP_QUICKACK option - only with linux native transport.

trafficClass - Set the value of traffic class

trustAll - Set whether all server certificates should be trusted

trustStoreOptions - Set the trust options in jks format, aka Java truststore

useAlpn - Set the ALPN usage.

usePooledBuffers - Set whether Netty pooled buffers are enabled