vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.servicediscovery / recordOf


fun recordOf(location: JsonObject? = null, metadata: JsonObject? = null, name: String? = null, registration: String? = null, status: Status? = null, type: String? = null): Record

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.servicediscovery.Record objects.

Describes a service. The record is the only piece of information shared between consumer and provider. It should contains enough metadata to let consumer find the service they want.


location - Sets the json object describing the location of the service. By convention, this json object should contain the io.vertx.servicediscovery.Record entry.

metadata - Gets the metadata attached to the record.

name - Sets the name of the service. It can reflect the service name of the name of the provider.

registration - Sets the registration id. This method is called when the service is published.

status - Sets the status of the service. When published, the status is set to. When withdrawn, the status is set to .

type - Sets the type of service.