vertx / io.vertx.kotlin.servicediscovery / serviceDiscoveryOptionsOf


fun serviceDiscoveryOptionsOf(announceAddress: String? = null, autoRegistrationOfImporters: Boolean? = null, backendConfiguration: JsonObject? = null, name: String? = null, usageAddress: String? = null): ServiceDiscoveryOptions

A function providing a DSL for building io.vertx.servicediscovery.ServiceDiscoveryOptions objects.

Options to configure the service discovery.


announceAddress - Sets the event bus address on which the service arrivals, departures and modifications are announced. This address must be consistent in the whole application.

autoRegistrationOfImporters - Sets whether or not the registration of importers declared as SPI is enabled.

backendConfiguration - Sets the configuration passed to the . Refer to the backend documentation to get more details on the requirements. The default backend does not need any configuration.

name - Sets the service discovery name used in the service usage events. If not set, the node id is used.

usageAddress - Sets the usage address: the event bus address on which are sent the service usage events (bind / release).