package mqtt

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Type Members

  1. class MqttAuth extends AnyRef

    MQTT authentication information

  2. class MqttClient extends AnyRef

    An MQTT client

  3. class MqttClientOptions extends NetClientOptions

    Represents options used by the MQTT client.

  4. class MqttEndpoint extends AnyRef

    Represents an MQTT endpoint for point-to-point communication with the remote MQTT client

  5. class MqttServer extends AnyRef

    An MQTT server

    An MQTT server

    You can accept incoming MQTT connection requests providing a io.vertx.scala.mqtt.MqttServer#endpointHandler. As the requests arrive, the handler will be called with an instance of io.vertx.scala.mqtt.MqttEndpoint in order to manage the communication with the remote MQTT client.

  6. class MqttServerOptions extends NetServerOptions

    Represents options used by the MQTT server

  7. class MqttTopicSubscription extends AnyRef

    Represents a subscription to a topic

  8. class MqttWill extends AnyRef

    Will information from the remote MQTT client