package datagram

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Type Members

  1. final class DatagramPacket extends AnyVal

    A received Datagram packet (UDP) which contains the data and information about the sender of the data itself.

  2. final class DatagramSocket extends Self with DrainSupport with NetworkSupport with ReadSupport[DatagramPacket] with Closeable

    A Datagram socket which can be used to send org.vertx.scala.core.datagram.DatagramPacket's to remote Datagram servers and receive org.vertx.scala.core.datagram.DatagramPackets.

  3. sealed trait InternetProtocolFamily extends AnyRef

    Internet Protocol (IP) families used by org.vertx.scala.core.datagram.DatagramSocket.

Value Members

  1. object DatagramPacket

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.datagram.DatagramPacket instances.

  2. object DatagramSocket

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.datagram.DatagramSocket instances by wrapping a Java instance.

  3. object IPv4 extends InternetProtocolFamily with Product with Serializable

  4. object IPv6 extends InternetProtocolFamily with Product with Serializable

  5. object InternetProtocolFamily

  6. def dataPacketHandlerToJava(handler: (DatagramPacket) ⇒ Unit): Handler[java.core.datagram.DatagramPacket]

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