package eventbus

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Type Members

  1. implicit class BooleanData extends MessageData

  2. implicit class BufferData extends MessageData

  3. implicit class ByteArrayData extends MessageData

  4. implicit class CharacterData extends MessageData

  5. implicit class DoubleData extends MessageData

  6. final class EventBus extends Self

    A distributed lightweight event bus which can encompass multiple vert.

  7. implicit class FloatData extends MessageData

  8. implicit class IntegerData extends MessageData

  9. implicit class JBufferData extends JMessageData

  10. sealed trait JMessageData extends MessageData

  11. implicit class JsonArrayData extends MessageData

  12. implicit class JsonObjectData extends MessageData

  13. implicit class LongData extends MessageData

  14. final class Message[T] extends AnyRef

    Represents a message on the event bus.

  15. sealed trait MessageData extends AnyRef

  16. case class RegisteredHandler[X] extends Product with Serializable

    A RegisteredHandler can be unregistered at a later point in time.

  17. implicit class ShortData extends MessageData

  18. implicit class StringData extends MessageData

Value Members

  1. object EventBus

    Companion object for EventBus.

  2. object Message

    Companion object for Message.

  3. implicit def anyToMessageData(any: Any): MessageData

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