package file

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Type Members

  1. final class AsyncFile extends Self with ReadStream with WriteStream with Closeable

    Represents a file on the file-system which can be read from, or written to asynchronously.

  2. final class FileProps extends AnyVal

    Represents properties of a file on the file system

  3. final class FileSystem extends Self

    Contains a broad set of operations for manipulating files.

  4. final class FileSystemProps extends AnyVal

    Represents properties of the file system.

Value Members

  1. object AsyncFile

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.file.AsyncFile instances.

  2. object FileProps

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.file.FileProps instances.

  3. object FileSystem

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.file.FileSystem instances.

  4. object FileSystemProps

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.file.FileSystemProps instances.