package core

Linear Supertypes
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Type Members

  1. type AsyncResult[T] = java.core.AsyncResult[T]

  2. trait ClientSSLSupport extends Self with SSLSupport

    Supports functionality.

  3. trait Closeable extends AsJava

    Signals that an instance can be closed.

  4. trait FunctionConverters extends AnyRef

  5. type Handler[T] = java.core.Handler[T]

  6. type MultiMap = scala.collection.mutable.MultiMap[String, String]

  7. trait NetworkSupport extends Self with AsJava

    Offers methods that can be used to configure a service that provide network services.

  8. trait SSLSupport extends Self with AsJava

  9. trait ServerSSLSupport extends Self with SSLSupport

    Supports functionality.

  10. trait ServerTCPSupport extends Self with TCPSupport

    Supports functionality.

  11. trait TCPSupport extends Self with NetworkSupport

    Supports functionality.

  12. final class Vertx extends AnyRef

    The control centre of the Vert.

  13. trait VertxAccess extends AnyRef

    Classes implementing this trait provide direct access to Vertx, Container and Logger.

Value Members

  1. object FunctionConverters extends FunctionConverters

  2. object Vertx

    Factory for org.vertx.scala.core.Vertx instances.

  3. object VertxExecutionContext


  4. package buffer

  5. package datagram

  6. package dns

  7. package eventbus

  8. package file

  9. package http

  10. implicit def javaVertxToScalaVertx(jvertx: java.core.Vertx): Vertx

  11. package json

  12. package logging

  13. package net

  14. def newVertx(hostname: String): Vertx

  15. def newVertx(port: Int, hostname: String): Vertx

  16. def newVertx(): Vertx

  17. package parsetools

  18. package shareddata

  19. package sockjs

  20. package streams

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