Project and Community Information

The Project

Vert.x is an independent project (not owned or controlled by any particular company), and includes contributions from many individuals and organisations.

The core Vert.x project is a project of the Eclipse Foundation The Eclipse project proposal provides some useful background information including a list of interested companies and individuals.

The core Vert.x project source is hosted under the Eclipse organisation in GitHub. We work directly in GitHub and changes are replicated to the Eclipse git server.

Vert.x is highly modular and the core project is very compact. Various other non-core parts of Vert.x are hosted under the vert-x organisation in GitHub. This includes various projects such as language implementation modules, the test framework, web-site and others. Many other modules in the Vert.x eco-system are hosted and maintained by members of the community.

There is more information about Vert.x on the Wikipedia page

Google Group

Please visit the Google Group to ask any questions about Vert.x


Please use Eclipse Bugzilla to file an issues relating to the core Vert.x project. For issues related to non-core Vert.x projects please use the appropriate GitHub issues.

IRC channel

Hang out with the team on our irc channel: #vertx on - this is our day-to-day office.

Join us!

There is plenty more to do and would love you to join us and get involved!

Media Articles

Some media articles about Vert.x


Some presentations about Vert.x

Useful Vert.x modules and other components

A catalogue of useful Vert.x related components


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