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Scala is here

The rise of Scala as one of the most important languages on the JVM caught many (me included) by surprise. This hybrid of functional and imperative paradigms struck a chord with many developers. Thanks to Scala a lot of people who’d never have touched a language like Haskell got exposed to functional programming. This exposure was one of the driving forces to get streams and lambda into the JVM.

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An Introduction to the Vert.x Context Object

Under the hood, the vert.x Context class plays a critical part in maintaining the thread-safety guarantees of verticles. Most of the time, vert.x coders don’t need to make use of Context objects directly. However, sometimes you may need to. This article provides a brief introduction to the vert.x Context class, which covers why it’s important, and why and when you might wish to make use of the Context directly, based on the author’s experience of building a generic async library which can be used with vert.x.

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