Centralized logging for Vert.x applications using the ELK stack

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Vert.x 3.3.3 is released!

We have just released Vert.x 3.3.3, a bug fix release of Vert.x 3.3.x.

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Vert.x Blueprint Tutorials

The Vert.x Blueprint project aims to provide guidelines to Vert.x users to implement various applications such as message-based applications and microservices.

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Vert.x featuring Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Ansible

This blog entry describes an approach to adopt Continuous Delivery for Vert.x applications using Jenkins and Ansible by taking advantage of the Jenkins Job DSL and Ansible plugins.

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Getting started with new fabric8 Vert.x Maven Plugin

The all new fabric8 Vert.x Maven Plugin allows you to setup, package, run, start, stop and redeploy easily with a very little configuration resulting in a less verbose pom.xml.

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Unit and Integration Tests

Let’s refresh our mind about what we developed so far in the introduction to vert.x series. We forgot an important task. We didn’t test the API.

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