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Vert.x Blueprint Tutorials

The Vert.x Blueprint project aims to provide guidelines to Vert.x users to implement various applications such as message-based applications and microservices. This post introduces the content of each blueprints.

This work has been done in the context of a Google Summer of Code project .


The blueprint project contains three parts: Todo Backend, Vert.x Kue and Online Shopping Microservice. Both runnable code and very detailed documents and tutorials (both in English and Chinese) are provided.

Vert.x Blueprint - Todo Backend

Repository: sczyh30/vertx-blueprint-todo-backend.

This blueprint is a todo-backend implementation using Vert.x and various persistence (e.g. Redis or MySQL). It is intended to be an introduction to basic Vert.x web RESTful service development. From this blueprint, developers learn:

  • What is Vert.x and its principles
  • What is and how to use Verticle
  • How to develop a REST API using Vert.x Web
  • How to make use of asynchronous development model
  • Future-based asynchronous patterns
  • How to use persistence such as Redis and MySQL with the help of Vert.x async data

The tutorials are:

Vert.x Blueprint - Vert.x Kue

Repository: sczyh30/vertx-blueprint-job-queue.

This blueprint is a priority job queue developed with Vert.x and backed by Redis. It’s a Vert.x implementation version of Automattic/kue that can be used in production.

The list of features provided by Vert.x Kue is available here: Vert.x Kue Features.

This blueprint is intended to be an introduction to message-based application development using Vert.x. From this blueprint, developers learn:

  • How to make use of Vert.x Event Bus (distributed)
  • How to develop message based applications with Vert.x
  • Event and message patterns with the event bus (Pub/sub, point to point)
  • How to design clustered Vert.x applications
  • How to design and implement a job queue
  • How to use Vert.x Service Proxy
  • More complex usage of Vert.x Redis

The tutorial are:

Vert.x Blueprint - Online Shopping Microservice

Repository: sczyh30/vertx-blueprint-microservice.

This blueprint is a micro-shop microservice application developed with Vert.x. It is intended to be an illustration on how to develop microservice applications using Vert.x. From this blueprint, developers learn:

  • Microservice development with Vert.x
  • Asynchronous development model
  • Reactive patterns
  • Event sourcing patterns
  • Asynchronous RPC on the clustered event bus
  • Various type of services (e.g. HTTP endpoint, message source, event bus service)
  • Vert.x Service Discovery
  • Vert.x Circuit Breaker
  • Microservice with polyglot persistence
  • How to implement an API Gateway
  • Global authentication (OAuth 2 + Keycloak)

And many more things…

The tutorial are:

Enjoy the code carnival with Vert.x!