Eclipse Vert.x 3.8.0 released!

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Eclipse Vert.x 4 milestone 1 released!

This is the first milestone of the upcoming Vert.x 4. It extends the 3.x callback asynchronous model to a future/callback hybrid model and introduces a Tracing API.

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VS Code Vert.x Starter Extension

Today, we are really excited to announce the Visual Studio Code Vert.x Starter extension. It allows you to create a Vert.x project, customize the creation, and search for dependencies.

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Using the asynchronous SQL client

Finally, back... This post is the fifth post of the introduction to vert.x blog series, after a not-that-small break. In this post we are going to see how we can use JDBC in a vert.x application.

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Some Rest with Vert.x

This post is part of the Introduction to Vert.x series. Let’s go a bit further this time and develop a CRUD-ish application

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Checklist for Migrating from Vert.x 2.1.x to Vert.x 3 - Part One

So while upgrading our application, I thought I should note down all the changes that we had to do in the process. Since Vert.x 3 is a major upgrade from the previous version, with so many changes.

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