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VS Code Vert.x Starter Extension

Hi Vert.x community! Today, we are really excited to announce the Visual Studio Code Vert.x Starter extension.

The extension is a community contribution made by Daniel Petisme (@danielpetisme).

VSCode Vert.x Starter extension

Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube


Visual Studio Code is a popular code editor with a lot of additional extensions.

Visual Studio Code Vert.x Starter extension allows your to:

  • Create a Vert.x project
  • Customize the creation (Vert.x version, language, build tool, groupId, artifactId, package name, JDK version)
  • Search for dependencies

The extension can be configured to match your context (e.g. defining your default company groupId).

How it works

Behind the scene, the extension relies on the Vert.x application generator API and demonstrate how easy it is to develop your own IDE plugin or custom tooling to generate Vert.x projects. For further details about the API, please refer to the Vert.x Starter project on GitHub.


Feel free to ask questions or propose new features on the VSCode Vert.x Starter GitHub repository.