Eclipse Vert.x 4.4.4 released!

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Eclipse Vert.x client for Apache Pinot

Apache Pinot is a realtime distributed datastore for analytics workloads. To make it easier for Eclipse Vert.x users to use Apache Pinot in their applications, we introduce the Reactiverse Vert.x Client for Pinot.

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Eclipse Vert.x JDBC Client released!

Eclipse Vert.x JDBC Client version has just been released.

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Getting started with new fabric8 Vert.x Maven Plugin

The all new fabric8 Vert.x Maven Plugin allows you to setup, package, run, start, stop and redeploy easily with a very little configuration resulting in a less verbose pom.xml.

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An Eclipse Vert.x Gradle Plugin

The new Vert.x Gradle plugin offers an opinionated plugin for building Vert.x applications with Gradle.

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Eclipse Vert.x 4.1.7 released!

Eclipse Vert.x version 4.1.7 has just been released.

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