Vert.x 2.1.6 released!

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Vert.x 3 Web easy as Pi

Vert.x Web distinguishes itself from traditional application servers like JavaEE by just being a simple extension toolkit to Vert.x, which makes it quite lightweight and small but nevertheless very powerful.

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Building a real-time web app with Angular/Ngrx and Vert.x

There are multiple tech stacks to build a real-time web app. What are the best choices to build Angular client apps, connected to a JVM-based backend?

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Easy SSO for Vert.x with Keycloak

In this blog post, you'll learn how to implement Single Sign-on with OpenID Connect and how to use Keycloak together with Eclipse Vert.x.

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Eclipse Vert.x 4 beta 1 released!

We are extremely pleased to announce the first 4.0 beta release of Eclipse Vert.x. Highlights of this release are the improved JDBC Client API, event loop affinity, and much more.

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