Vert.x 3 Web easy as Pi

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Vert.x 3 init.d Script

Let's say you have a Vert.x 3 application you want to install on a Linux server. But you want the old school way (I mean not the Docker way).

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Vert.x 2.1.6 released!

The Vert.x team is pleased to announce the release of Vert.x 2.1.6

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Some Rest with Vert.x

This post is part of the Introduction to Vert.x series. Let’s go a bit further this time and develop a CRUD-ish application

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Unit and Integration Tests

Let’s refresh our mind about what we developed so far in the introduction to vert.x series. We forgot an important task. We didn’t test the API.

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Real-time bidding with Websockets and Vert.x

The expectations of users for interactivity with web applications have changed over the past few years. Users during bidding in auction no longer want to press the refresh button.

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