Vert.x 3 init.d Script

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Vert.x 3 and PostgreSQL JSON type

One of the interesting features of NoSQL databases is their schema-less mode of operation. This feature is very useful during project prototyping and early development since at early the stages of development of projects all data structures are not clear or have been defined yet.

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Vert.x 3 Web easy as Pi

Vert.x Web distinguishes itself from traditional application servers like JavaEE by just being a simple extension toolkit to Vert.x, which makes it quite lightweight and small but nevertheless very powerful.

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Unit and Integration Tests

Let’s refresh our mind about what we developed so far in the introduction to vert.x series. We forgot an important task. We didn’t test the API.

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Things to keep in mind concerning CSRF attacks

Eclipse Vert.x like most frameworks provides an anti-CSRF defense. However, no framework can prevent all attack vectors that exist in the web. Therefore, developers need to be aware of some dangers and common attack vectors concerning CSRF defenses.

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Some Rest with Vert.x

This post is part of the Introduction to Vert.x series. Let’s go a bit further this time and develop a CRUD-ish application

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