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Vert.x 3.4.0 is released !

Vert.x 3.4.0 has just been released with many new exciting features!

Vert.x 3.4.1 has been released - the links have been updated

Since the beginning Vert.x has provided a polyglot runtime, this version simply adds the support of two major languages of the JVM ecosystem: Scala 2.12 and Kotlin 1.1.

Some features are so important that they deserve to be taken to another level : the Vert.x Web Client focuses on usability features for building web applications. It actually builds upon the multi purpose and scalable Http Client and inherits all its features.

Vert.x RxJava is a very popular extension, 3.4 supports the rx.Single reactive type as well as Observable reactive pull back pressure, combined with Vert.x Web Client, it is a very powerful combo.

You can now get a stream for large result sets using JDBC client, with RxJava your stream becomes naturally an Observable.

When it comes to IoT, Vert.x is a relevant choice thanks to its unique toolkit approach that combines modularity and reduced footprint, there are no doubts that the new Vert.x MQTT Server extends Vert.x capabilities in this field!

Everyone knows Kafka, everyone loves Kafka, the new Vert.x Kafka Client gives you everything you need to use Kafka the Vert.x way!

On the microservices side, Vert.x gRPC will give a boost to your networking and Vert.x Config fills the gap in our toolbox. In addition we provide now a full fledged Vert.x Consul client!

During this release cycle, we paid special attention to security, ensuring that Vert.x-Web sessions are safe and follow the OWASP recommendations. Also, Vert.x web got many usability improvements, with a revised OAuth2 setup and a new htdigest authentication scheme.

Devops hasn’t been forgotten with Vert.x Health Check, a key feature in application monitoring.

On top of many bug fixes, here is a list of the most important new features you can find in 3.4.0:

  • Vert.x Infinispan is a new cluster option and supersedes the JGroups option
  • HTTP and Web client redirect handling
  • Zero-config service proxies generation with a processor classified jar
  • a new SelfSignedCertificate to make easy to create tests and demos with TLS/SSL
  • Hystrix metrics in the circuit breaker
  • Handlebars templates can now fully resolve properties passed to them
  • JsonObject POJO mapping convenience
  • Http compression level option
  • Groovy support now uses extension methods and does not generate wrappers anymore
  • Dropwizard match metrics can now have an alias
  • RxHelper method for adapting an Observable<T> to a ReadStream<T>
  • RxHelper method for adpating a Handler<AsyncResult<T>> to a Subscriber<T>
  • provide Alpine and Busybox docker images

Vert.x 3.4.0 release notes:

The event bus client using the SockJS bridge are available from NPM, Bower and as a WebJar:

Docker images are also available on the Docker Hub. The Vert.x distribution is also available from SDKMan and HomeBrew.

The artifacts have been deployed to Maven Central and you can get the distribution on Bintray.