Vert.x 3.3.2 is released!

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Vert.x fall conferences

A lot of Vert.x conferences are planned this fall around the world, here is a quick recap of these events.

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Vert.x 3.3.0 is released!

That was a long run … but here we are. We are very pleased to announce the release of Vert.x 3.3.0!

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Things to keep in mind concerning CSRF attacks

Eclipse Vert.x like most frameworks provides an anti-CSRF defense. However, no framework can prevent all attack vectors that exist in the web. Therefore, developers need to be aware of some dangers and common attack vectors concerning CSRF defenses.

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Improving the Vert.x Micrometer Metrics performance

Vert.x 5 is coming with many great new features and enhancements. In this article, you'll learn about the Vert.x Micrometer Metrics performance improvements.

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Eclipse Vert.x 3.8.1

This new version is a bug fix release that addresses issues reported in Eclipse Vert.x 3.8.1. We also updated Netty to version 4.1.39.Final to fix some CVEs.

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